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Dear Programmer, Welcome to the Real Programmer blog.

Siddharth here. I’m the founder, designer and editor of this blog.

About Real Programmer

About Real Programmer is a computer science education blog where I write about programming languages, web development, Hybrid app development and programming error.

I have started real programmer blog so I can share my knowledge whatever I am learning every day in my job and with other real programmers :). I have started actively my youtube channel from September 2019 it’s good motivational for me I am learning every day becuase real developer are comming on youtube and blog they giving feedback it’s amazing to experience.

Moreover, This blog and youtube channel(Real Programmer) helps me organize my thoughts and improve my overall knowledge because It motivates me to do thorough research before making a video on youtube and post blog on the website.

What does Real programmer mean?

Everyone who hears the name Real programmer asks me what does it mean?

Well, the Real programmer is from the real mission.

well, Real programmer means who always think about I can do anything it does not matter what kind of challenge they phasing. every programmer started from hello world than programmers has done amazing work they achieved the milestone. so never think you don’t known let’s start from hello world.

The Logo of this blog is built around the idea of the open tag and close tag. if you started any work and you feel to quit then just start thinking about why you started and sure you have finished the task.

I’ve hosted this blog on Google cloud, a cloud hosting platform for dynamic websites.

How can I contact you?

You can write to me at [email protected]. I’ll try to respond as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can connect with me directly on LinkedIn, Facebook or WhatsApp.