How to change the URI (URL) for a remote Git repository?

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Check branch:

git remote -v

 // origin  [email protected]:siddharth018/Laravel7MultiCategory.git (fetch)
 // origin  [email protected]:siddharth018/Laravel7MultiCategory.git (push)


git remote set-url origin [email protected]:siddharth018/Laravel7MultiCategory.git

git remote -v

// origin [email protected]:siddharth018/Laravel7MultiCategory.git (fetch)
// origin [email protected]:siddharth018/Laravel7MultiCategory.git (push)

(see git help remote) or you can just edit .git/config and change the URLs there. You’re not in any danger of losing history unless you do something very silly (and if you’re worried, just make a copy of your repo, since your repo is your history.)