MilesWeb Review: Highest Rated WordPress Hosting for Your Website

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I have been using WordPress for a good time. My almost websites are WordPress websites, and I would really want to suggest you opt for WordPress hosting over regular hosting services.

WordPress is an easy to use CMS. It provides simple functionality, plus has a good number of websites created on the same. If you are a beginner with a WordPress site, you must know it has unique hosting. Like every other website needs a hosting service to get online, WordPress websites have an exclusive hosting service.

Moreover, if you already have a website hosted on shared hosting, it is better you switch to WordPress hosting. It is better and efficient in that case. WordPress hosting is specially created for the platform, which is why it offers enhanced performance and features than regular web hosting.

It is not that shared hosting is not good hosting. It works well for small-medium business websites/blogs. But, WordPress hosting is pre-configured for WordPress sites.

You don’t need to download WordPress as you get it with the plan. It reduces some work and makes tasks simpler. As a new website, your website will not have many needs. All the resources provided in WordPress hosting will be sufficient.

New websites don’t have that many requirements. They only need a push to create a presence on the internet. As your website start to grow and attract heavier traffic, you can switch hosting.

You will also get resources that are more than enough. You can use them as required, and your website will perform smoothly.

The best Managed WordPress hosting is managed service, so even server management is not an issue. Your host will look after the hosting and help you succeed in your business growth.

Apart from hosting services, your website will need some effort from your side as well. If you want it to rank, encourage more sales and receive better engagement, put in some good efforts from your end.

Web hosting services are a great way to create a digital presence. However, the growth also depends upon the quality of services, products and contents. 

Accordingly, finding the best web hosting provider is an essential task. If you host with any provider which doesn’t guarantee the quality, there will be difficulties. It is better to do the research beforehand.

Which is the Best WordPress Hosting Provider?

In my opinion, MilesWeb is the top WordPress hosting provider. MilesWeb offers several hosting services, and WordPress hosting is the most popular product.

They are not only affordable but also quality service providers. You will find their hosting services economical with frequent discounts. Plus, you enjoy numerous features included in WordPress hosting plans.

MilesWeb has around 3plans under this hosting. All plans offer good resources and features. That means there is no compromisation with any resources.

However, if you exceed the available resources, you may have to upgrade or switch to better hosting.

MilesWeb’s WordPress Hosting Services

MilesWeb offers three options Solo, Prime and Multi under WordPress hosting. The three plans consist of all resources, only they are expandable as per the package.

If you have a personal website/blog, a Solo plan is a good option. It will give you 1 GB SSD disk space which is more than enough. You can run a smooth website and receive a good experience.

If you have a small-medium sized website, a Prime plan will work well. It will offer expandable resources, and if you want to host multiple such websites, opt for the Multi plan.

The multi-plan lets users host multiple websites. It costs around Rs. 255/m after a 70% discount. But the offer is applicable to users who buy any plan for at least three years.

Solo plan costs – Rs. 60/m after the discount

Prime plan costs – Rs. 195/m after the discount

If you purchase any package for three years, you will earn the advantage. You will pay less and also enjoy the discount. So, do not think and go for it.

MilesWeb is the best Linux cPanel web hosting provider. They will help you in increasing traffic, generating more sales, and ranking on Google.

Here are the features you will get with WordPress hosting service –

Free Domain

If you purchase Prime or Multi plan, you can get a free domain for the first year. Again the offer applies to users who buy any plan for at least 1/3years.

Free SSL Certificate

Get one free SSL to help protect crucial data on your server. It will enhance the brand legitimacy and allow visitors to trust you.

24×7 and 365 days Support

MilesWeb offers assurity that you have a great experience with their hosting services. So, whenever you need technical support, you can contact them via live chat and email tickets.

1-Click Installer

You can download 400+ web applications in one click and still have a smooth running website.

High Uptime

Enjoy a high uptime of 99.95% with all WordPress hosting plans. Your website will stay up and will not face too many downtimes.


WordPress hosting is an exclusive product for WordPress websites. It leads to an efficient and smooth running site. Moreover, MilesWeb provides the best plans at affordable rates. If you want to grow on the internet, MilesWeb can help with the same.

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